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My name is Kari Austin. I am a freelance photographer and designer & the founder of this space. I've been doing photography & design for well over a decade and my passion for both have only grown with each year. I studied graphic design in college & have been sharpening my skills by exploring real-life application through my previous career as a Creative Director & made the soul-enriching leap to a freelance solo career.

I've always viewed life with a sense of wonderment and have spent every moment of my 30+ years trying to capture and create small sparks of imagination and whimsy. I believe there is magic all around and that there is something wonderful to be experienced even in the most simple of moments.

My mission has always been to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in people, whether that be in a photograph, a design, brand identity building, or finding a way to bring nostalgia into every day. 

I live for adventure, traveling, and having opportunities to build relationships with new friends from all over the world. I value exploration and creative expression with the utmost respect and am always looking forward to collaborating with others!


I am wholeheartedly obsessed with Harry Potter. It is rare that a day goes by that The Sorcerer's Stone is not playing in the background while I work. I have worked in the coffee industry for a decade as well and I think it's one of the most fulfilling spaces to spend time with a local community. I've been married to the most wonderful man since 2020, who is an absolutely inspiring filmmaker. Click here if ya want to meet him :) 

We're "parents" to a sweet cat, go on road trips as often as possible, being sure to visit a multitude of breweries and coffee shops along the way. I am always up for a new adventure and am always ready to say "yes!" to a new experience.

I am a visual storyteller and I believe everyone has something uniquely wonderful to capture. It is my mission to capture your *spark* and allow it to shine to its best ability.

Every person, business, and idea is deserving of feeling like they can fly high confidently and experience a bit of magic. My goal is to bring that forth for you and alongside you. 

Allow me to be your guide in a journey that showcases your expression and concept in its best light.

I will always go above and beyond for each client, couple, or individual because you're not just hiring me to do a single job and move on. You're hiring me to help you tell your story so that others will be inspired and join with you or celebrate alongside you. That matters to me as much as it does you!

The value in creating remarkable designs, a personalized and thoughtful logo, and expressive and cinematic photos is priceless and should be treated as such.

I will communicate every step of the way, ensuring you feel seen and heard and that your end result is even better than you expected.

Let's get started creating something wonderful together!

The Kari J Creative Co Mission

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